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Shweta covered a distance of 10 km in one hour. The Akash covered the same distance in an hour and a half.

Which of the two is fit?


Whose fitness is good?

Of course, the answer will be Shweta.

If Shweta completes this distance on the prepared track, what if the Akash is said to be walking on a rock-and-dirt path ???

Then the answer to all will be the sky Akash.

But when we found out that Shweta is 50 years old, Akash is 25 years old ??

Then everyone's answer will be Shweta again.

But we also found out that Akash weighs 140 kg while Shweta weighs 65 kg.

Again the answer to all will be the Akash

As we learn more and more about Akash and Shweta, our opinions about who is better differ and our decisions change.

The same is true of life.

We form our opinions about everyone very openly and quickly,

So that we cannot give justice to ourselves and others.

Everyone gets different opportunities.

Everyone's life is different.

Everyone's resources are different.

Everyone's problems are different.

Everyone's solutions are different.

Everyone's thinking is different.


Never compare your health, wealth, situation, or quality of life with anyone

But do self-examination.

You are the best, Stay the way you are And Keep trying to be the best you can be.

Pravin Thakur

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